UEFA soften stance on finishing season while League One chairman threatens legal action if season not concluded

UEFA have softened their stance on domestic leagues being concluded after a meeting on Tuesday afternoon, acknowledging that in some countries it could be impossible to finish the season.

Previously, UEFA issued a letter to 55 associate members stating their confidence in restarting the domestic campaign, with early July the initial date being earmarked.

However, despite sharing the Premier League and Football League view that it would be better to play the competitions rather than cancelling the season, their stance has certainly softened.

The statement reads: “There was a strong recommendation given to finish domestic top division and cup competitions, but some special cases will be heard once guidelines concerning participation to European competitions – in case of a cancelled league – have been developed.”

UEFA said any decisions on those guidelines would be announced after Thursday’s meeting of its executive committee.

The Sun journalist Alan Nixon reporting on a potential start date for next season

Meanwhile, Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony has slammed the idea of concluding the season on a points-per-game basis which has been suggested as an alternative.

If points-per-game was implemented Posh would finish the season in seventh place, missing out on a place in the play-offs.

“I just got a call from our CEO who was in on EFL L1 meeting today,” MacAnthony said on Twitter. 

Darragh MacAnthony's response when asked about Sunderland boss ...

“Ignore all white noise/agenda’s/Newspaper articles. Football will be back & seasons will get finished or owners who refuse to fulfil fixtures will be getting sued.”

One stumbling block which has been continually mentioned is the contract situation come June 30, with many players seeing their current deals expiring.

However MacAnthony provided another solution to that problem.

“Majority of out of contract players get paid July wages by cub they were contracted to previously so not sure what big deal is about rolling them for a month etc,” he added.

“This clamour for ‘all our players are out of contract stuff is more noise’. It can be sorted with quick fix.”

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