Reports: League One decision unlikely until June

The much anticipated decision which will determine if the League One season will be continued or not may not be announced until the start of June.

That is according to Portsmouth’s chief executive Mark Catlin, who has voiced his concerns over the voting process which will decide the future of several clubs.

Earlier in this week, the EFL announced that clubs will vote on the outcome of the season, to either complete the season or not.

If the season can not be finished, an unweighted points per game model will be applied with promotion, play-offs and relegation being decided.

To decide the outcome, a majority of 51 per cent is will be needed, with the majority of clubs seemingly looking to end the season.

With the EFL continuing to state their preferred stance is to finish the season, the process is making that difficult with the target to finish the season by the end of July.

“There’s no date on the vote but I believe under the regulations once voting papers are issued there’s a five-day period to allow people to vote,” Catlin told the Portsmouth News.

“So another one of my big concerns in trying to finish the season is that clubs have been asked to submit their opinions by close of play on Tuesday next week.

“Let’s assume papers are produced Wednesday or Thursday, we’re probably not going to know the results until the week after next.

“That really then makes it difficult to complete the season given the timing of 56 days and a period needed to train and get the players back to some level of fitness.”