Q & A with Town Striker James Norwood

Our friend Jay, from Backingtheblues, recently caught up with Town striker James Norwood for a quick fire question and answer session. The questions were courtesy of Jay’s Instagram followers….

Q: Who was your footballing idol growing up?

A: Pele. I used to watch videos of him and loved the way he played. It’s also the reason I wear the number 10.

Q: What is your favourite thing about Ipswich Town FC?

A: The whole thing. The training ground is immense, the stadium as well. The fan base and support is scary. It’s just such a big club.

Q: Were you worried about the leap from Tranmere and how are you finding life in League One?

A: No I wasn’t worried . The goals don’t move and they don’t get smaller. I back myself to score goals at whatever level. It’s been ok (step up from League Two). It’s been a difficult transition into playing a certain way to help the team but I’m doing my best to adapt!!

Q. Obviously you and Kayden have sparked a decent little partnership with each other this season, how much do you enjoy your partnership with Kayden and are you excited by Freddie coming back?

A: We took to each other instantly. We’re very similar players in the way we play but we’ve adapted to fit each other. You can see that we try to play together and have a good relationship. 

Having Freddie back is a massive boost. He’s an intelligent player and hopefully he can come in and put plenty of through balls and crosses on a plate for whichever strikers are playing.

Q: Are you and Kayden in competition to finish on more goals than each other? 

A: No. Those sorts of things between strikers aren’t good! You want each other to score goals . You can see with the assists we’ve got for each other that it doesn’t matter who scores there’s a bigger goal which is promotion.

Q: Talking of which do you have a goal target for this season?

A: I’ve got a goal target in mind, yes . I’m hoping that I can get there but I won’t be sharing it!

Q: Obviously joining in the summer you weren’t here last season where it was probably one of the worse years in the clubs history getting relegation. How important is it to get promotion this season?

A: It’s obviously the number one aim for this season. You get knocked down, it’s how you react . It could be a blessing in disguise, with a promotion comes momentum and if you’re carrying momentum going into a season then that’s a powerful thing!

Q: Who is the best footballer at Town? 

A: Most gifted. Flynn. For his age his use of his body, his footballing brain, his physicality and fitness. If he can add a few more goals and little bits to his game he’ll go all the way. Most important always goes to the skipper. He steadies the ship, helps whoever needs helping and leads by example. The captain is the most important player at every club.

Q: Have any other youngsters impressed you at Town?

A: Dozza is one of the most naturally gifted ball players I’ve see . Woolfy has come of age and become an integral part of the squad and it pains me to say it but Iddy – you forget he’s 18/19 because of his calmness on the ball, his technique and his ability to mix it. If he stops eating air and weighing 8 stone ringing wet we could have a real player on our hands.

Q: Who are the jokers within the squad?

A: Me and Skusey. I’m always guaranteed a laugh because I laugh at my own jokes. Love to have a bit of fun. On day two of pre season we were being recorded from a crane. So I ran over and starting spinning him round and round and then put him as high as it went and pressed the emergency stop so the whole thing shut down. He wasn’t pleased!

Q: We notice you now have some hair! What’s the plan with the barnet?

A: I’m not entirely sure . I’ve not had hair for 4 years so it was strange getting a haircut and not asking him to ‘not make me look bald’ … it’s all new to me .

Q: Who’s the one to avoid at training?

A: TOTO. Stands on your feet and doesn’t apologise… Me and big Tommy get on really well so we’re always having striker/keeper banter! So if he’s ever in nets for finishing I have to really try and win for bragging rights.

Q: What is the proudest moment of your career?

A: Captaining England C team or winning promotion at Wembley twice! For different reasons

Q: Do you have any plans for life after football?

A: I’m not sure. As I’ve got older I’ve thought about it. I think I could be a good coach. I’ve worked under a good managers and played with some very good players. I know what sessions I’ve enjoyed and what I haven’t. I think that’s important. But no decisions yet! I’m still in my 20’s, just!!

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