Players set to return on April 14

Lee O’Neill says the club are still very much behind the 2019/20 season being played to a finish but believes current timescales set by the EFL will be altered.

Currently the Town players are working at home, with the scheduled return to training on April 14 looking very unrealistic with football facing some massive decisions ahead.

“The players were due to return to training this week but that has been put back by the EFL until April 14,” O’Neill told the Club website.

“We are working to a timetable from there. We have to have a plan in place and at the moment, the instructions are to be ready to play from the start of May.

“Can players be ready to play at the end of the month fitness wise? Yes but that isn’t the question when you see what is going on in the world. How can we have players training and playing games when social distancing and a ban of more than two people being together is in place?

“It’s unrealistic to think we will be back for April 14 for those reasons and I expect that to change but we had a coaches’ meeting this morning and looked at the timetable and all we can do is work towards what we have been told by the EFL.  

“There are meetings planned between all the main football bodies this week, the Premier League, EFL, PFA and there are some massive decisions ahead. 

“As a Club though, we certainly support the notion that everything should be done where possible to complete this season. If that doesn’t happen, the ramifications will go on and on.”

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