PFA and Gordon Taylor make donations to charity fund

PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor has donated £500,000 to the Charitable Fund established by Premier League players for the NHS and those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The PFA has also made a separate donation to the fund amounting to £1m, which means a total of around £1.5m has now been donated towards much needed causes via the Professional Footballers’ Association.

Last week, Taylor came under heavy criticism after his comments advising all Premier League players abasing taking a wage deferral. Despite the ongoing dispute over player wage cuts for Premier League footballers remaining unresolved, clubs in the top tier confirmed they will be making substantial donations to the NHS, EFL and National League during the pandemic.

While several clubs are continuing to place their off-field staff on the government’s furlough scheme, the PFA will not be taking advantage of the scheme and will continue to pay all its staff in full.

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