Lambert: There will be bumps along the way

Paul Lambert has tried to dampen expectations but maintaining although he is pleased with the Blues unbeaten start to the season, it is just that, the start of the season.

With fans understandably excited Lambert thing the media have played a big part of rising the excitement levels of fans.

“You guys fuel it as well, you put it right out there,” he said. “You think we’re Barcelona at the minute which is unbelievable because I told you at the end of the season that there will be bumps along the way. It makes me laugh when I see some of your stuff.”

While agreeing expectations need to be realistic Lambert is pleased with the feel good factor around the club, he added: “Absolutely, but there’s got to be a realism. If you can just say it now again, it might help everybody.

“But the fans are on a crest of a wave and the biggest thing for me – and I don’t care what anybody says, the results may have been brilliant – is bringing the fans back to the stadium and the town back to the club or the club back to the town, whatever way you want to view it.

“That for me, has probably been the biggest achievement of the whole thing. The results have been great and if we can keep carrying that on, but the biggest thing for me was getting that support back that’s connected with the club.” 
While Town have remained unbeaten is Lambert still searching for the complete 90 minute performance?
“Name me one game you’ve watched where a team has dominated for 90 minutes. Name me one. Bayern Munich’s 7-2 win at Spurs? It wasn’t because Tottenham played really well in the first half and Bayern Munich ended up scoring seven, so name me one game where teams dominated for 90 minutes. Unbelievable. 
“I’ll tell you how many I’ve done – none. Whether that’s playing career or management career, I’ve never dominated a game for 90 minutes.

“It’s not going to happen. I wouldn’t sit here and sharped your pencil saying we’re going to play 90 minutes absolutely brilliantly, it isn’t going to happen.

“I’ve never seen one, the closest team I’ve seen to perfection is Barcelona when Pep [Guardiola] was there or the Brazil 82 team. But I’ve never seen a team dominate a game for 90 minutes and if there is one I hope I’m in the stadium to watch it because it’ll be great to watch it.”

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