Lambert: The aim has to be promotion

Photo Credit: Ipswich Town Official Website

Town boss Paul Lambert, on the eve of the new campaign has said that promotion has to be the aim. Lambert insisted that although promotion is the aim, we have no divine right to be promoted.

When asked if promotion was the target this season, Lambert said: “We have to. We have to try. We don’t know [whether we will] because we have guys that have never played at this level.

“We have young guys who have come out of the academy, we’ve got a really young side and one or two experienced guys, but nobody knows what’s going to happen. When we’re on song and we’ve got everybody fit we’re a good side.”

The squad is a lot younger than most, but experience isn’t guaranteed with age: “You can get mixed up with experience. Experience only comes with either age or how many games people have played.

“People can play 200 games and only be 21 years old, that’s experience because they’ve played the games. We have to try and boost the squad and that’s apparent.”

Town are one of the front runners with the bookies to make a instant return to the Championship, does that add pressure on Lambert: “You’ve got to be kidding me on, we’re under pressure?” he said. “I played with massive clubs and I’ve been at massive clubs as a manager, it’s been my life.

“If anything is going to happen to me then it happens, it doesn’t matter to me, it really doesn’t matter to me what happens, whether I’m here or not.

“The most important thing is the football club and the team and the supporters, that’s the most important thing.

“It’s not me and it’s not the staff, it’s the team and the club that’s the most important, so whatever [owner] Marcus [Evans] does I’m not going to roll out of my bed in the morning and wonder what’s going to happen.”

Quizzed on whether not going back up would be deemed as failure: “Why do we have a divine right to go up, you answer me that?

“Sunderland got relegated last year and never got back up and it’s a huge club with a huge fanbase.

“You don’t have a divine right. You have to earn it. We have to earn the right to go up. What I do know is the club has an unbelievable fanbase behind it that will drive it on, and you can use the emotion of the crowd to drive you on.

“As I’ve said, we’re a really young side with guys that have not done it at this level, guys that have never played at this level let alone anything else. But we’re a good side when we’re on it, we’ll lose games, that’s apparent, but we’ll also give it a right good go.”