Lambert: Every game will be hard

Photo Credit: Ipswich Town Official Website

Town manager Paul Lambert is under no illusions of the task in store to get Ipswich promoted back to the Championship at the first attempt. A task he, and his staff are relishing.

“We’ll try, I’m not going to put any expectancy level on the players, they’re young players who are still learning the game, they still need time to develop as well,” said the Town manager.

“It’s everybody, the staff and the players. We need everybody together. If we have what we had last season and we keep that momentum and start to turn those draws into wins (talking about last season), then we’ll see what happens.”

He added: “We have to try everything we can, and if we’re lucky enough to get back into the Championship then that’s what you want, but the momentum has to be with you, but the main thing is we try.”

With Town set to play a number of clubs for the first time, Lambert is insisting there won’t be any easy games.

“Listen, every game is hard; it doesn’t matter who you’re playing in any league. Whoever we played in the first game was always going to be hard, but I’m really looking forward to getting going and let’s see what happens, we’ll be ready for it, that’s for sure.

“We’re a good side, I’ve got no doubt about that, we’re a young side which I said before is still learning, and they will keep learning over the next six months to a year, but everybody is behind us, and that’s a great thing going into the season.”

Town head to Germany to start pre-season preparations, a place Lambert knows well: “Germany is a place I know really well and how they prepare and the life over there. I know the teams, we couldn’t have picked any harder teams, that’s for sure, two from the Bundesliga.

“Paderborn have done fantastically well to get to the Bundesliga, and Dusseldorf have had a great season, so they’ll be really hard games to play in the tournament.

“But it’s a place that I know really well and a place where there’s no real distractions or anything like that. You’re there to work, and you work hard.”

On deciding who will make the trip to Germany, Lambert has said all players who were out on loan last season, alongside youngsters will be involved.

“What you see here at the minute are the lads who will come with me to Germany, and the two lads that are not here (James Norwood and Alan Judge).

“At this moment, unless something really crazy happens before we go to Germany, then most of these lads will come.”

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