Lambert: Evans frustrated too

Paul Lambert says the frustration with Towns lack of transfer activity is also getting to Owner Marcus Evans.

So far the Blues have added three free transfers (James Norwood, Tomas Holy and James Wilson) as well as the loan signing of Luke Garbutt.

Lambert insists the relationship between him and Evans is still a good one: “We get on really well,”

“As I said on Friday he says his bit, I say my bit and hopefully we meet in the middle.

“He’s frustrated as well because we can’t get players or the money’s too high. He’s frustrated, he’s the owner of the club.

“It is what it is. He’s frustrated, I’m frustrated. I don’t like it, he maybe doesn’t like it but it is what it is. We can’t go and buy anybody, that’s what it is.

“He’s an owner who has put a hell of a lot of money in and if he doesn’t have the money to do it then fine – just tell the fans what’s going on.

“I’m pretty sure he will tell the fans because the fans deserve to be kept in the loop on it all because it’s too big a support.

“If everyone’s transparent it’s not a problem.

Evans was at Burton yesterday watching Town win on the opening day of the season but with Cole Skuse having to finish the game by slotting into the back four, it shows the need for reinforcements.

“We just get frustrated because when we lost James Wilson (to cramp on Saturday) we have to put a midfielder back to centre-half. For the size of the club that’s not healthy, not having a squad to sustain 60 games.”

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