Lambert backs rotation policy as trusts squad

Paul Lambert has backed his rotational policy which has been implemented this season in the idea to keep the squad fresh for the whole campaign.

Lambert has failed to name a unchanged team so far this campaign and adding in the international breaks and the expulsion of Bury the squad have had a very stop start beginning to the campaign.

When asked if the continuation in rotating his squad his harming any momentum in any form and relationship between players Lambert didn’t agree with.

“No, because I trust them,” he said. “The great thing for any footballer is a manager that will trust you. If the manager doesn’t trust you then you think your days are numbered.

“I trust every one of them to perform, trust every one of them to play and that’s the biggest compliment I can give them – that I trust them to perform.

“It’s unfair on them if I have some guy playing 15 games and another guy one and then the guy with one game to play the same as the guy with 15 has done. It’s unfair.

“So I won’t put that pressure on the player and say he must play the exact same way as the guy that’s played 15 games, that’s so unfair.

“That’s why we try and keep everybody’s game time [up to a level] where we can get most of them up at the same number of games and we’ll be a better team for it.

“That’s why we made a conscious decision to get lads up to speed whether it’s through cup games [or otherwise].

“But it’s because I trust them, that’s the great thing, I trust them to do that. It’s not as if I sit here and think we’re weakened.

“I think, ‘OK, this is the team we’ll play for this game and this is the one we’ll play for that one’ and I trust them to perform.”

Lambert hopes the continued rotation policy will reap rewards come May: “Hopefully, yes. That’s the objective.”

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