Holy: I grew too much – around 20 cm every year

Tomas Holy has explained why his goalkeeping ambitions had to be put on hold because he was growing so fast.

The Town No.1 is one of the tallest ‘keepers in the world at 6ft 9in but speaking in an interview in Saturday’s matchday programme, the popular Blue has revealed that his height stopped him playing in goal for a spell in his teenage years.    

“I was always taller than my school mates but not a lot taller. Then I grew a lot between 12 and 14, I grew too much – around 20 cm every year. That is too much,” said Holy.

“My mum used to mark my height on the door. It would go up a bit every year then when I got to 12, it went crazy. I was taller than the door!

“The biggest problem I had was as I was growing quickly, my joints were not growing at the same speed. My shoulders hurt for six months and I had to stop playing in goal because I couldn’t dive around. I had to wait until my joints caught up. 

“My parents had to keep buying me new clothes as well. It must have been tough for them but hopefully I’m making them proud now. I will never repay them for what they have done for me but I will try.” 

There is more from Holy on why Town’s plans for the future are music to his ears; why he was banned from playing football by his club for a year; why he is living his dream in England and why his past has made him think a senior call-up the Czech national team is out of his reach, in tomorrow’s matchday programme.

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