Holland pays tribute to Town owner

Former skipper Matt Holland believes Town should be thankful of having an owner like Marcus Evans, especially in the current footballing climate.

Holland believes that football clubs outside the Premier League are hugely reliant on their respective owners with the amount of revenue limited due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Football is back up and running in the Premier League and Championship, but without spectators present and the fear that next season could start behind closed doors, clubs lower down the football pyramid will be desperately short of money.

Championship club Wigan Athletic shocked the footballing world last week, having gone into administration, something Holland fears the Latics could be the first of many over the next few months.

“In the Premier League it’s the TV money that really counts but in the divisions below, matchday revenue is vital,” Holland told the club website.

“If you can’t get fans into games for a period of time – say for much of next season – you have a real problem. There will be a lot of clubs in serious trouble. It’s the biggest threat to the football pyramid, what is happening and could happen.

“Ipswich are obviously still my club and when I look at the size of the club, the attendances, the wage bill will be at the higher end for sure, it will be one of the hardest hit in League One. Sunderland and Portsmouth the same.

“I know Marcus Evans has got his critics but if he wasn’t at Ipswich now and putting the money he does into the Club, I’d hate to think what would happen. You could be looking at Administration. Without his backing, I’d be worried big time.

“I think other clubs will follow Wigan and go into Administration, especially if they are safe in their league with the 12 point deduction.”

One measure to try and preserve the long-term future of clubs in the EFL is the introduction of a salary cap. Clubs are set to vote later this month on the introduction of the new financial rule with Holland believing it will be a good move.

“There is talk of salary caps in League One and Two and I can see that happening,” he added.

“Then you look at the Championship. I read that at one club 107% of turnover was being spent on player wages. I’m not a mathematician but that can’t be right.

“If you are paying out a lot more than you are getting in, sooner or later you are going to be in trouble. Clubs are gambling on getting into the Premier League. Fans want you to spend fortunes on players as well because they want to get in the Premier League but there has to be some realism. It’s got to be sustainable model and maybe football will change now. I think it needs to change.”

Picture: ITFC Website

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