FIFA confirm transfer window changes and address player contract concerns

FIFA have announced that the summer transfer window will be moved and contracts ending on 30 June will be extended for a short period until the season is concluded.

FIFA have confirmed they will be enforcing contract extensions that will see players stay with their current clubs until the 2019/20 season is over, even if their current deal ends in the summer.

In a statement, football’s governing body said: “Expiring player contracts usually end when the season ends, with a termination date that coincides with the end of the season. With the current suspension of play in most countries, it is now obvious that the current season will not end when people thought it would. 

“Therefore, it is proposed that contracts be extended until such time that the season does actually end. This should be in line with the original intention of the parties when the contract was signed and should also preserve sporting integrity and stability.

“With regard to transfer windows, again, it is necessary to adjust the normal regulatory position to the new factual circumstances. Accordingly, FIFA will be flexible and will allow the relevant transfer windows to be moved so they fall between the end of the old season and the start of the new season.

“At the same time, FIFA will try to ensure, where possible, an overall level of coordination and will also bear in mind the need to protect the regularity, integrity and proper functioning of competitions, so that the sporting results of any competition are not unfairly disrupted.”

Town have a collection of players whose deals expire this summer, including Cole Skuse, Will Keane, Gwion Edwards, Andre Dozzell and Armando Dobra, however the club does have an option to exercise an extension year on all of those deals.

Town’s director of football operations, Lee O’Neill, has confirmed that there are several players who have been in discussions with he club for sometime now and the process is an on-going one.

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