Clubs react to today’s EFL statement

We take a look at some of the reaction to the announcement from the EFL regarding the conclusion of the League One season.

The EFL released a statement on Thursday lunchtime which effectively means the League One season will either be ended behind closed doors or decided by an unweighted points per game table.

The vote is due to take place next week, with only 51 per cent now being classed as the majority to either carry on the season or not.

One of several clubs who will be impacted by the decision is Peterborough United. The Posh were in fine form before the suspension of football, beating the likes of Rotherham, Oxford, Wycombe and Portsmouth, are set to miss out on the play-offs and potential promotion.

Posh director of football, and friend of Town owner Marcus Evans, Barry Fry, feels his club has been ‘cheated’ by the EFL. To play the remainder of the season behind closed doors, Posh would need to get 51 per cent of the vote, something which is extremely unlikely to happen.

“We need 12 clubs to vote our way,” Fry said to Peterborough Telegraph.

“It would be a miracle if that happened. I feel bitter right now. This outcome is completely unfair and goes against the integrity of the competition. It’s a sickener for the club.

“Points per game is a nonsense. At least use a fomula that includes home form, away form and the games you still have to play at home and away.

“We’ve been cheated. We’ve been denied the chance to finish what we started by the EFL who have not been strong enough and by clubs who don’t want to play football.”

Fry also haves sympathy for Tranmere Rovers, who are set for an instant return back to League Two, a year after Town striker James Norwood guided the Super White Army to promotion.

Nicola Palios, vice chairman of Tranmere believes the season should be voided if football cannot be resumed.

“It would be devastatingly harsh for Tranmere Rovers to be relegated on PPG when it is such a marginal call. We have a game in hand and are 3 points behind. We were on a great run of form (WWW) having made the investment in Jan to ensure our safety – and it was working.” Palios said on her Twitter page.

“How can it be fair that we are robbed of a chance to keep our place in L1, but other clubs are given a chance to take it?

“To be very clear, the EFL Board do not decide how to end the season. They can only void the season, or ask the Clubs to change the Regulations to allow what they propose. I hope 51% of Clubs will reject their proposals as grossly unjust to Tranmere Rovers.”

One club who will be joining Peterborough and Tranmere in voting to play the remaining games are Gillingham.

The Kent based club, who will leapfrog Town in the table if the season is concluded by points per game, are in favour of getting football restarted again.

“At long last we have clarity in what we are doing,” Steve Evans told Gillingham’s website.

“The return to football action allows the League 1 promotions and relegations to be decided on the pitch, and by playing football you earn what you get.

“I trust all clubs in League 1 will vote to get playing football in the next few weeks. There is also a clear path in the event that the virus stops the football, so there are no more excuses.

“We should never forget we are in the football business, so let’s get going.

“We have waited for the clarity and leadership; Rick Parry and the EFL Board have now demonstrated this.”

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