Chambers hails the impact of Holy

Town Skipper Luke Chambers has paid tribute to goalkeeper Tomas Holy since his arrival from Gillingham in the summer.

Holy has overseen six clean sheets out of nine games this season, five in the last five (equalling a club record) and Chambers knows how vital the big stopper has been.

 “Tomas is a very humble man and it’s an endearing quality that comes across in all his interviews.

“You can forgive mistakes in football if they’re not happening every week and he hasn’t made any yet.

“If he did it would be ‘Don’t worry Tom, you’ve been absolutely brilliant for the last nine games so just keep doing what you’ve been doing’.

“He’s got a massive weapon in his goal-kicks, which allow us to play in the opposition half most of the time, and every single ball that comes into the box in the air he comes and claims.

“What that does for a defender is absolutely incredible because we know that any ball that isn’t of the required quality he is going to come and catch it, so we’re not getting involved in things we don’t need to be involved in, which is a huge, huge bonus for us.

“His goal-kicks and his ability to claim most crosses into the box are the two things I’ve noticed.

“After Saturday’s game I spoke to one of the Gillingham players, who used to be with Nottingham Forest when I was also there [probably Mark Byrne], and he said Tomas was only having specialist goalkeeping training twice a week when he was there.

“I’ve seen a big improvement from day one when he first arrived at the club to where he is now and massive credit has to go to [goalkeeping coach] Jimmy Walker and to Will Norris for pushing him and keeping him on his toes.

“Every day he is getting better and for me the way Tomas is playing now I don’t think it will be long before other clubs are starting to take notice and check on him.”

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